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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Savoia Marmi, a landmark company in natural stone processing, granted Breton its trust

The history of Savoia Marmi began 40 years ago.
Initially thought as a sawmill hired from local companies (near Verona), nowadays Savoia Marmi is a landmark company in the processing of marble, granite, porphyry and onyx, that can count on lots of prestigious works commissioned worldwide.

The proverbial quality of Savoia Marmi, is the result of thoughtful investments that led the company from a "simple" workshop to a proper natural stone working center: in this way, the company could fit in with an even more frenzied market, though maintaining its know-how.

In June 2017, the high-tech stone machinery range of Savoia Marmi was extended thanks to the purchase of a Fuego Multiaxis, a perfect representation of what Breton brand means.

Fuego Multiaxis is the ideal machine to realize cylindrical/conical columns, column shells and other complex items that were not available until now. 

Our machine is characterized by the overall dimension of the realizable pieces and by the technology used to build it: 30 years of Breton experience summed up in the realization of a revolutionary machine.

The technical solutions adopted for Breton Fuego Multiaxis made it possible to fix the main issue of this type of machine: the inclination of the diamond wire. 
To obtain wide cutting angles, the machine should operate under the ground level. Breton has been able to fix this problem by mounting a cart with two Ø 1000 mm pulleys on every column of the Fuego and letting the two carts move independently.

Breton Fuego Multiaxis deals with 4-axis operations with great ease and precision thanks to its 8 interpolated axes, which can be integrated by 2 more axes with motorized positioning.

A simple and performing machine: these are Fuego main features, and the reason why it has been chosen by our prestigious costumer Savoia Marmi.

Manufactured by the Kienesberger Steinmetz’s Fuego
No more tanks aside the columns: this system, conceived by Breton, allows Fuego to work with a +/- 20° inclined wire and to process blocks with maximum height of 1800 mm; while, in case of a wire which is parallel to the block supporting platform, Fuego can process blocks as high as 2200 mm.

For more information and prices, on the Breton Fuego Multiaxis, contact We’ll get back to you promptly.
Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Multibreton RC - Trimming machine for marble and granite

The Multibreton RC is a trimming machine for marble or granite strips that can be equipped with up to three cutting spindles: two spindles are adjustable in width while the central one is fixed.
Strips are conveyed by a multiply belt covered by a thick layer of rubber designed to accept the cuts from the diamond blades.

The cutting spindles
The two adjustable cutting spindles can be manually positioned along the bridge through a screw/lead nut system and slide on guides encased in an oil bath and protected by a water labyrinth seal. On request, operating from the push-button panel the positioning of each individual spindle can be motorized and sequential.
When spindles arrive to the programmed position, hydraulic clamps lock them firmly in place on the bridge

All cutting spindles can be independently excluded in height by means of a pneumatic piston.
The smooth and straight advancement of strips over the conveyor belt is assured by a system of vertical and horizontal pressor rollers and by a horizontal guide made of wear-resistant steel.
When the width of strips changes, the adjustment of both the guide and the vertical pressor system is self-centering and is obtained by simply turning a handwheels.

The control unit 
All the general controls to start and switch-off the machine are located in front of the operator.A small portable push-button panel is available for the blade positioning operations so that the operator can safely command the spindle displacement inside the working area.

When supplied to countries where such rules must be observed, the machine is supplied complete with the suitable accident-prevention barriers conforming to CE regulations.

For more information and prices, on the Multibreton RC, contact
We’ll get back to you promptly.

Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Multibreton DXL, automatic cross-cut saw for marble and granite strips

MULTIBRETON DXL is an automatic cross-cut saw for marble or granite strips, equipped with up to twelve cutting spindles. 
For each cutting cycle, the machine can saw a single strip or two strips simultaneously - even of different length - into items of the desired size.

The cutting spindles
The cast-iron spindles slide along the bridge on guides in an oil bath, perfectly protected from water. The spindle ositioning is automated, motorized by a screw with lead nuts connected to an electromagnetic clutch and adjusted sequentially for each single spindle. 

Once each spindle has reached the programmed position, it is blocked by a hydraulic mechanism. A pneumatic device can exclude each spindle vertically. 
On request, the machine can be supplied in a special version with simultaneous positioning of all the spindles instead of sequential adjustment of each individual spindle. 

The cutting cycle 

The cutting cycle is fully automated for virtually unattended operating: 

1. the marble or granite strip to be cut moves forward while resting on the feeding belt which slides on the milled bench of the machine, and halts close to the pneumatic stop (if existing). 

2. a movable aligner to bring the strip into square before starting the cut, is housed on the front part of the machine, opposite the spindle-holding beam. 

3. the cut is performed while the spindleholding beam moves orthogonally with respect to the conveyor belt. 

Once the cut is carried out, the saw blades lift before getting back to their starting position, and the strip - cut into tiles - is transferred outside the machine, while a new strip to be cut enters the machine. 
Simultaneous cut of two strips
The machine is prearranged to cut also two strips of different length (max. length: 1.500 mm each) through a single cutting cycle, thus optimizing the cuts. 
In this case, during the feeding stage, the first strip halts close to the stop on the machine exit, while the second one is placed at a precalculated distance from the rear edge of the first strip. 


A PC with Windows operating system controls the machine. The programming is carried out on a colour “touch-screen” monitor, which is installed on a hanging console. The machine software uses the Windows environment to its full potential through a user-friendly interface. 
The desired cutting size and blade thickness are entered on the “touch-screen” monitor and each spindle automatically reaches the programmed position. 
Both the PC and the “touch-screen” monitor are components readily available on the market so as to guarantee, in case of failure, a prompt assistance and spareparts availability throughout the world. 

In order to facilitate some operations to be carried out within the working area (i.e. blade replacement, maintenance, positioning etc.), the machine is supplied with a small portable push-button panel that enables the operator to safely control the movements of the spindles inside the machine working area. 

The electrical, water and lubrication system 

The electrical equipment and water distribution system to each spindle are located on the reverse side of the machine, thus making the maintenance interventions extremely simple and rapid. 
A watertight cabinet houses all the electrical and electronic controls of the machine.

Laser tracer for cut optimization 

Upon request, the machine is equipped with a laser unit which enables to mark off the useful cutting surface through the optical tracing on the strip surface, thus excluding the surface defects. 

The laser tracer is manually pushed by the operator along the roller conveyor on which the strip is placed, and the demarcation of the useful cutting area is set by simply pressing the proper button. 

According to both the orders entered in the system and the surfaces marked off by the tracer, the machine automatically decides where cuts must be carried out, and offl oads the “executed” orders.

For more information and prices, on the Multibreton DXL, contact
We’ll get back to you promptly.

Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

Friday, 23 February 2018

Bao Lai chooses Breton for its marble machining requirements

Bao Lai Investment JSC is established in 2010 focusing on mining and processing of Vietnam white marble to meet the demands of construction materials like ornamental and artistic white marble, the company provides services domestically as well as internationally. The company's customers are located all over the world: America, Europe, India, China, and the Middle East.

Bao Lai aims to become one of Vietnam's leading manufacturers specialized in processing of white marble within the Vietnam territory, the company has been developing nine mines in Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province and two processing factories, also in Yen Bai province.
To better meet the needs of its customers, Bao Lai has invested in the most advanced and innovative technology available on the market by purchasing a complete Breton marble processing plant.
The complete Breton plant comprises:
- 6 BM for Breton Gang saws for cutting blocks
- 1 slab polishing line
- 1 gauging/cutting/polishing line for marble tiles
- 1 epoxy resin treating plant for slabs
- 1 slabs honing, filler application and polishing line

- 1 Worthy 600 CNC bridge saw
- 1 Waterjet Classica CL 510 waterjet cutting machine
- 1 Comet Bellani for Breton edge polishing machine
- 1 Contourbreton NC300 K26 contouring machine
- 1 Fuego Multiaxis CNC shaping machine
- 1 Contourfive NC 1200/HD 5-axis CNC machining centre

In the production cycle, the marble blocks are cut by 6 BM for Breton gang saws and the resulting slabs are forwarded to one of the following three production processes:
- polishing only
- resin treating and polishing
- honing, filler application and polishing.

Finally, HD photos are taken of the slabs and saved in the company's digital archive.
These slabs are ideal for applications in high profile projects that call for impeccable quality of the machined surface.

The slabs are initially sawn in the fabshop on a Worthy bridge saw and then on a Waterjet Classica for curved cuts, the edges are then finished on a Comet edge polishing machine; finally, they are transformed into kitchen tops and other finished components on the Contourbreton NC300 K26.

The NC1200/HD Contourfive 5-interpolated axis machining centre and the Fuego Multiaxis shaping machine are used to process large size components and parts with complex shapes made from single marble blocks.

For more information on Breton machines, please write to

Thank you for your attention.
See you soon!
Sergio Prior